Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Project

I had a mail from Lizzy of i-genius and she wanted to know what this project was all about. We ended up putting this together and thought we let you all know what we want to do or achieve with this blog. Enjoy.

  • Background information?
We are currently two friends in this project namely Nana Kwabena Owusu and Justin Sonaa Dakorah. Nana has a first degree (B Sc) in Civil Engineering an plans to major in Water supply, Environment or Highway. He is currently with the Department of Urban Roads in Tema.
I'm currently in my First clinical years in Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology-School of Medical Science. (KNUST-SMS). A long name though. Not really done with my plans but would like to be a Neurologist, Paediatrician or in OB/GYN. I have also been an active computer programmer and co-founder of BlackSoft Developers Ghana Ltd, a software development house specialized in multimedia programming.

  • Goals of the project?
The goal to us is the driving force. What makes us go out there put some few blogs and hope we make an impact. The goal is actually solution based. Almost everyday i'm in an argument with friends and colleagues trying to let them know that there are opportunities. Now in most of those argument we lost or did not have facts. On the other hand there's is more than enough proof by the population that we have no chance of making it.
This project is to find the proof, profile those who made it indigenously and the realities in the field. Also we would try and explain certain Government policies and discuss some issues hoping to bring forth or get a homegrown solution from the public. It's not a project to defy every policy or regulation. In the nutshell, cuz i'm writing too much, the project is to
  • identify the opportunities and the realities on the ground for the youth of Ghana
  • instill in the Ghanaian youth a sense of patriotism
  • organize seminars where necessary to deliver our findings
  • organize other project targeted at designing or pursuing identified opportunities
  • Identify and partner with Organizations that share our vision
A secondary goal will be to link Innovations Identified to be viable to Investors, Incubators or Venture Capital Orgs
  • Project Targets?
  • Primarily the youth.(Secondary and Tertiary Level of Education and the employed below 35)
  • Subject of the blog?
This is a draft of subject areas we will tackle.
  • Street Addressing
  • Start-Ups
  • Incubation Programs
  • Marketing Ideas - Simple Feasibility Studies
  • Biz Plans
  • Interviews
  • This Month In IT
  • News Review - IT, Business
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Profiling Young Achievers
  • Responding to Comments
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