Friday, April 13, 2007

Profile 0001 - Dickson Bandoh

Hello people, if you need an inspiration you should talk to this guy. What I say and plan, he's already practicing and he's pretty successful at what he does. This is the first profile. For all you who know him he's a changed man after Mfantsipim where i first met him.

I am Dickson kwadwo Bandoh, the second born son of an engineer father and a trader mother. I was born on the 9th of April some moons ago. I am currently studying medicine at the school of medical science, KNUST. I had my secondary school education at Mfantsipim, the only school in the whole country where letters simply addressed by the name without any postal address would not be lost in the mail. I must confess that the school has had a significant impact on my outlook on and my current attitude to life.

Personal mission statement

I have made it a quest to be honest, hardworking and humble and strive for excellence in whatever I do.


I want to be part of the new movement of young Ghanaians who are making a difference in whatever area of endeavor they are currently engaged in. I want to make a difference in the health delivery system by offering excellent world class health services at an affordable cost to people in the deprived regions of the country and West Africa. I also want to be actively involved in the education of the youth of the nation especially in the areas of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Driving force

I live my life by a set of beliefs.

  • That I am passing through this world only once and whatever I want to do, I must do regardless of other people’s opinions but my actions should be guided by my conscience and God.
  • I have a key role to play in the development of the health sector in Ghana and the rest of the continent.
  • I am capable of doing all things I can imagine, if I believe and work hard at it.
  • Human beings are so important, I must make each person realize how special he/she is and bring a smile to their faces and hearts each day.


I love listening to all genres of music- but I prefer reggae and jazz. I enjoy reading; financial magazines, motivational books, current affairs magazines and health journals. For story books I enjoy those in the genre of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum et al i.e. espionage and political thrillers. I don’t watch much TV and the few movies I watch are usually “action movies” and comedy movies too if I make the time. I actually go out of my way to avoid soap operas; why should I watch stories about the lives of a group of people I don’t know anyway? I love challenges in whatever form they appear- running a few extra meters each morning, finishing a book ahead of scheduled time or planning and executing a program or event.


I believe my greatest strength is my ability to dream. I consider myself a fairly good listener and love taking calculated risks. I am training myself to be a diplomat- the kind of person who can relate well with anybody in any circumstance. It isn’t easy but I am working it out.


My major weakness I fear is the perfectionist streak I seem to possess that sometimes makes me overdo my actions and overspend. I am quite shy sometimes bordering on the timid but I am working on that. I have a few other weaknesses that I am working hard to overcome.


I have battled with myself over the issue of my religious belief for a while. I find it difficult sometimes impossible even to accept that there is only one religion and only the adherents of that one religion will live a “better” life in the hereafter. I was born into a Catholic family and have received the basic sacraments but I have always believed, quite contrary to my catechism, that all religions are permitted by the creator of the universe so that each soul would have its own unique way of communicating with the creator. In effect, there is no right or wrong religion provided that the practices of its adherents do not violate the universal law of love (love your creator with all your heart and strength and your neighbor as yourself). I find gravely flawed for one group of people to lay claim to the creator of the universe as their own, no matter how well intentioned and sound their arguments may seem. I believe that the most important and true religion is not that instituted by humans but it is that ordained by the creator Himself and that is the religion of love- to love your neighbor as you love yourself and to love your Creator –God, Allah, and Onyame, Mawu etc with all your heart and with all your strength. That to me is the summary of all the religions we have in the world.

My over riding philosophy in life is that all things are possible if you believe and work towards it. No one can stop you except you. No one can play the role you are supposed to play on this earth but you.