Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Cutthroat

Well we decided to start this blog in April. April has started and we are still in discussions as to what to post on the blog. While we were waiting i decided to scan the internet on similar works on Ghana and also in reality the success of this blog.
And i would say I've got good, bad and ugly news. So which one first, The Good I guess, just so you continue reading.

The Good news is that, we are not alone. at least we in our hundreds and counting. There are more ghanaians out there who believe, and that is positive. With the kind of energy building up and the kind of innovations these guys out there are undertaking, it will not take long to reach our goal. Everyone knows, and it's a fact that we missed the Fuedal, Rock and Industrial ages but to mention a few. But we are with the information age, the age of technology, the age of Information Technology. We met it, we saw it crawl and grow, we witnessed sky rocketing profit margins, we saw information technology turn companies around and made them fortune 500 worthy. Now with all the proof there is, i don't want to believe we are going to let it pass by us again. we need to take advantage of the "Age". Enough enough enough.

Now the downside. The bad news. From experience it's not easy, everyone talks about the fact that there are serious bottlenecks. For example, the youth in Ghana are not saying we want the Old guys out of their offices but they behave as such. When they see a potential person with talent, they see competition. Most of our lecturers were very bright, did powerful project works back in their time and we all have no idea what happened after. Lets ask ourselves, are we as bright and up to the task as we are supposed to have been trained for. This really is the bad side, that the students being produced from our university are frankly not up to the task. The few ones who did the learning end up 'elsewhere'. That makes what the few of us want to achieve very difficult. I propose that patriotism of some sort is thought in schools, that somehow they make us understand that we have a duty to perform, to make this place better for those coming and the next. Lets get our youth talking about Ghana than USA, UK, Australia, Europe and the like.

Now, The Ugly. The youth themselves see all this as impossible. They believe Ghana cannot make it. They don't see the Ghana we see in 10 years. I don't want to talk a lot about this ugly side cuz it discourages me. Their minds are set. They believe that no one can make it in Ghana unless the individual is of some family, political party, ethnic group or travels outside the Country. Sad thing is they have evidence, vivid ones indeed.
I think the blog can now begin.