Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oguaa Business Incubator - OBI

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The previous post(weeks ago I know) talked about the BusyIncubator. This post presents the other Incubator program I mentioned in a previous post, The Oguaa Business Incubator (OBI).

The Oguaa Business Incubator - OBI derives both its birth and name from the “Oguaa Traditional Area” whose Omanhene ( Paramount Chief or highest ranking Chief in a Traditional Area ), Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, started OBI
to nurture an ‘enterprise culture’ among the youth and to create a temporary protected microenvironment for them to establish and grow viable small enterprises
The incubator accommodates both new businesses and existing small businesses which require help to improve on the business.

OBI provides the basics required to do as the Omanhene envisioned by providing businesses with :
A shared office; This includes office space and full secretarial and administrative facilities (Telephones, Fax, Computers, Mail Handling, Internet, etc)

Funding Process support; OBI provides technical assistance which improves the success rate of loan applications and also uses its influence to provide access to financial instituitions, usually Rural Banks to fund these startups and SME’s

Business and Legal support services; OBI uses a network of professionals to provide Legal (Business registration, Tax obligations) and Business ( Accounting,Managemen, product development ) services to startups.

Educational and Research Materials; OBI through links with Universities (University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Polytechnic) and research foundations ( Gratis Foundation), provides access to technical material and research and also expertise, that improve the technical ability of the individuals involved in the startups.

OBI after operating for a year incubated the following businesses;

Xclusive Ventures Ltd was founded and registered as a limited liability company by two university students, Lionel Kafui Agyemang and Isaac Koli Ameyaw. Xclusive is a total Multimedia solutions provider, drawing from the superior talents of its founders in creating enticing multimedia presentations. [Details]

Iweb Solutions was founded as a sole proprietorship business by Mr. Samuel Parker Ekem, a graduate of the African Virtual University. Iweb specializes in ICT applications including virtual electronic payment systems, cell phone payments systems, e-marketing, and web hosting. [Details]

Artline Creativity founded by Dwight Ekow Acquah specializes in turning fresh thinking into creative solutions for its clients. Their services include graphic illustration, corporate design, image manipulation, web and multimedia localisation. [Details]

Jilac Company Ltd is owned and managed by Felix Adu-Poku and Kojo Asamanyi both professional marketers. Jilac specializes in Event Promotion, advertising and Development Communication.Their current clientele includes a number of district assemblies in the Central Region, some NGOs and SMEs in and around Cape Coast. OBI is supporting Jilac to develop a good corporate image and market itself to potential clients.
Contact Jilac through 024 4879759 or 042 25675.

Step Up Industries Ltd is owned and managed by two young graduates – Mr. Nazir Kizzie-Hayford and Ms Rakia Essel. Mr. Kizzie-Hayford holds a degree in Biochemistry from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, whiles Ms Essel is an HND Marketing graduate from the Cape Coast Polytechnic. [Details]

Arena Travel and Tours has been registered as a Limited liability company. The company has developed special programmes including:
home stay’ for African Americans to live with registered families (rural or urban). [Details]

Cleantec Services is a team of fully trained and proud workforce that undertakes professional office cleaning. [Details]

Sallet Events was founded by Ms Sally Torpey a talented events planner. She specializes in personal and corporate events. Sallet has been able to secure, plan and successfully organised several wedding events in and around Cape Coast. She has been able to employ three additional women with whom she works in addition to other service providers like caterers, spinners, etc that she engages on as and when basis.
Contact Sallet Events through 024 4609817 or 042 32803.

Contemporary African Arts Project Ltd (CAART) is into Repackaging of African Indigenous Arts and handicrafts in the areas of paper products, cane and wood products, ceramic wares and fashion illustration. [Details]

Opeku Ventures Ltd is involved in agro-processing (fruits and vegetables). Opeku has introduced its fruit juice called Cocopyne drink, a combination of coconut and pineapple juices. [Details]

Astibo Creations is a company that deals in all kinds of metal fabrications with a touch of class. These include burglar proof, indoor and outdoor sign post and billboards. [Details]

The links above provide details of what the incubatees had achieved or hoped to achieve in the start year. I am doing my best (REALLY!) to obtain the most current activities of the incubatees and any success or failures that have occurred since their inception.

I hope to post on other issues soon (I promise).

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Monday, May 14, 2007


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