Monday, January 26, 2009

The World On The Blackberry-2009

This is actually a test post from the BlackBerry. Have had this phone
for about a week now, have played with, read all about it and even
sometimes got dissappointed by it.
But since this will be new baby and will be with me whereever I'll be
I thought I must just as well try to blog from it.
So I've setup a special email in blogger to be receiving my post from
the mail directly sent from the phone via gmail for blackberry. Now
that's something else right.
Well Ghana is definetly going places. With Zain soon to start their
own BlackBerry service (from their Customer Service Personnel) and
most of the networks rolling out 3G services I think the internet is
now coming to Ghana.
If anyone plans to go WEB2.0 for Ghana now is the time.
So let's see if this post gets delivered at all.

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